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Wholesale Sarongs From Bali Indonesia.
  Where Do Your Sarongs Come From ?

We buy some of our sarongs in Thailand, India and Nepal. But most of our sarongs are from the magical island of Bali. No where else in the world do you find the quality of workmanship that you do there, or the ancient art of Batik.

Bali, also referred to as Island of the Gods, Paradise, Heaven, Land of Milk and Honey just to name a few, is our favorite place in the world. We felt that way since the very first time we arrived on the Island in 1997. We continue to travel around the world, but we have not found another place we like as well. Bali is simply enchanting. Take a look by visiting our travel page then clicking on photo galleries.

We began this business because we fell in love with the sarongs. And we know you will, too. We also wanted to support the artisans that create these beautiful batik sarongs from a white piece of fabric. The colors, motifs, designs and patterns are nothing short of amazing. We spend many months each year searching for the most unique, and interesting sarongs available. It takes a lot of time and patience to separate the good from the mediocre to the downright horrible. We hope these textiles inspire you, too!

Bali is a culturally rich island located in Indonesia. I have never before witnessed such a concentration of highly skilled craftsmen. These talented artisans practice the ancient art known as Batik, which has been passed down generation after generation.

Our Sarongs come in hundreds of unique patterns, designs and motifs. You can be sure you'll be ready for the beach in style! We also have Specialty sarongs like the oversized, hand painted Eastern themed Sarongs, which our Yoga customers are fond of. Ethnic sarongs, Native Sarongs , floral sarongs, aquatic sarongs, tye dye sarongs, Hawaiian sarongs and more. And don’t forget about our clothes, everyone loves our ‘Cool Stuff’.

Sarongs continue to be a favorite item and are becoming more popular every year. And yes, even guys wear sarongs. My husband has many, but his favorite one came from Thailand years ago. When we travel he is complimented again and again.

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