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  What is Batik ?

Indonesia is the best place I have found for producing Batik. This nation has immense talent and creativity, and wherever you go there is a plethora of artisans practicing their skills on many different mediums. One of these is the art of textile weaving called Batik. It remains one of the most important creative industries in this area.

Textile production in the Indonesian archipelago carries a unique and fascinating heritage. As cotton and raw silk material is not native to S.E. Asia, it is believed that this art was introduced by traders from southern China and India over 2000 years.

Batik is an Asian form of textile painting where patterns and motifs are designed in wax, then dyed onto pre-woven cloth. There are literally thousands of patterns, designs and motifs. All absolutely gorgeous.

In Bali each village has a particular specialty. Very often entire communities are dependent on this art.  Traditional textile production in Indonesia is no exception and remains village based, done primarily by the women. Each approaches their art with the skills that have been handed down generation after generation. Their crafts are sold both locally, and internationally.

We have spent years searching for the the very best producers of Batik so that each Sarong we offer is an amazing work of art. Not everyone can duplicate the design on a textile canvas from a photo. Our artists also use the best paint and know how to mix these to achieve a rich and vibrant Sarong. The families we work with are so talented that some of the Sarongs look like a painting. This is what makes our Batik Sarongs the most exquisite in the world. 

As you can see, a lot of time is spent creating a Batik Sarong. This long and difficult process results in a finished product that is well worth it and you end up with a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Most Sarongs have fringe on the end which is hand-tied. Others come with no fringe.

Any inconsistencies you might find are not mistakes but proof that this item was crafted by an individual. When you buy our Batik Sarongs you are supporting these wonderful people, their ‘Way of Life’ and showing your admiration for their skills, spirit and traditions. (Take a look at our photos from this magical place.)

Textiles are an illustration of the diversity of Indonesian culture. Although there are some common themes throughout the archipelago, methods and motifs vary between regions, and can be easily identified to the trained eye. Traditionally, certain Sarong motifs were worn to identify the status of the wearer.

They can also represent ceremonial customs and in some parts have mystical attachments to fortunes and health. Ever open to new ideas, many Indonesian designs have evolved through outside influences, while other remain traditional.

We are especially fond of Batik, as well as Songket and Ikat. While these dye-resist methods are the most common, other methodology such as couching, embroidery and tapestry are also widespread. Ikat and Songket are hand woven, usually using either body-tension looms or shaft looms. The motif and designs are woven into the fabric as it is made.
Over the past decade there has been a move towards mass factory produced Ikat. This product is not as high  quality, but obviously much more affordable. If you are a collector or simply looking for an exceptional one-of-a-kind piece, I would invest in the traditional.

In Bali the term payasan, meaning ornamentation or dressing-up, is used loosely to refer to the adornment of effigies, actors and ordinary people, as well as statues, holy books, temples and sometimes even trees. To dress up is in itself, an act of reverence. The occult impulse to wrap people and things in ritually significant cloth account for much of the splendor of Bali's ceremonies.

Geringsing-The geringsing cloth is said to be dyed with blood & is a magical cloth. This type of textile is Indonesia woven with the laborious double Ikat (ekat) technique. The pattern is dyed into both the warp and the weft threads. The dyeing process takes many months. Great skill is required in the weaving to bring the pattern of warp and weft into an exact meeting. Geringsing is woven on a continuous warp loom. The uncut cloth is regarded as particularly sacred.

Many of our products feature textiles such as Javanese Batik, Lombok Ikat, Balinese Ikat, Balinese Songket, Indian Sari, Chinese Silk, Thai Silk and more. We are developing our own unique range of soft furnishings including Duvet Covers and other bedding, cushions, pillowcases, chair covers, mosquito nets, table runners, placemats and more. Stay tuned!

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