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Wholesale Sarongs
  Sourcing Bali and Your Source for Asia: Information about our Products, Wholesale Information, Policies, Shipping and other Services. (Coming soon, our newest endeavor, Bali Homes and Gardens.)

Buy the same antique garden statues that Bill Gates bought. Or, the same beautiful teak table that Mel Gibson just purchased. Whether supplying you with products that are shown on our sites, or by serving as your partners for sourcing Bali and Asia, Sarong Boutique, a division of the lifestyle company Yoga Bound .com, Inc. can provide, source or supply just about anything you are looking for. 

You can save a lot of time and money by buying through us. For products we don't make ourselves, we go directly to the manufacturers in Indonesia and through out Asia. We have traveled to these countries for more than 15 years, spending up to six months each year so that we know exactly where to find most any product you are looking for, the best suppliers and the best craftsman to make any custom product. This is the only way we can feel comfortable making these statements to our customers. 

Each of our suppliers has met our rigorous criteria and must continue to live up to these standards year after year. We negotiate the best prices, but will not engage in win/lose propositions with our suppliers, many of whom are local artisans. We also subscribe to, and support fair and ethical trading practices. So when you are ready to source Asia,  or just want that one of kind item, we are ready to work for you.

To keep our prices reasonable for the products we manufacture ourselves and so that you get the quantities, colors, designs, sizes, etc., that you want, we encourage you to plan seasonally. Though we do produce extra product each season, much of it is reserved for those that order in advance. Browsing and (and coming soon, you will notice that some of the products may not be in stock. For larger ticket items, merchandise that we don't usually carry, or products that we like but are testing before stocking them, we source these with your custom orders.

Our companies were founded on the mission to offer the most unique, high quality products at affordable prices. By not carrying extensive amounts of inventory, we are able to save on labor, warehousing and other costly expenses. When you place your order for items not in stock, expect a typical turn around time of 2-3 months depending on the item, quantities, etc.

Product Information:

We make every effort to keep our merchandise fresh. Therefore, items shown on this site may be discontinued, or replaced by new lines at any time. But if you see something you like and it says 'Not in Stock', based on minimum quantity requirements we can make this for you. Items that sell well will continue to be restocked. Other items will only be available by special order. We make every attempt to fill your requested order, but please note, orders are filled from available inventory i.e., a dozen sarongs will reflect a variety based on the available stock . You will be notified if this happens.

Pricing Policies:

Please be aware that prices may change with currency fluctuations, shipping increases due to gasoline prices, etc.. However, we do our best to offer you the best prices possible no matter what.

1. Prices on this site are quoted as suggested retail.
2. Wholesale prices are generally about half the retail prices shown. Contact us for exact wholesale prices. Be as specific as possible about the item(s) you are interested in, as well as the quantity.
3. Quantity discounts are available for 1000+ pieces.
3. Minimum wholesale order for items in stock is $300.00, excluding shipping.
4. Minimum wholesale order for special and custom orders depends on various things. Let's talk.
5. To qualify for wholesale pricing you must provide your Reseller, or EIN#.
6. A $25.00 fee will be accessed for returned checks.
7. A minimum deposit of 25% will be required for special or custom orders.
8. Sales are COD including shipping.

Additional charges that you may incur are GST Taxes. Some countries impose a Goods and Service Tax on imported items. Our shipping agents has all the details on these charges. Insurance is payable on all goods. This is calculated at 2.5% of the invoice value. Our Cargo Agents receive all goods. You will be notified of their arrival into port. Our service includes delivery to our shipping agents distribution center. You may collect your merchandise personally. Or, for an additional fee they can arrange delivery to your door.

Shipping Policies:

If you are purchasing in stock items your order will be shipped from our offices in Largo, Florida via the United States Postal Service. The cost of shipping will be added to your invoice. Unless requested, we ship heavier items the most inexpensive way possible. Otherwise we use priority mail which gets your merchandise to you within 2-3 days depending on your location.

If you are purchasing items not in stock, custom or special orders, we ship the most affordable way available which is by sea from the country of origin. This does not include merchandise that you have reserved for the upcoming season which has these shipping costs already included in the price. However, you will pay shipping from our Largo, Fl. offices.

1. Orders in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area include free delivery.
2. FOB (freight on board) is available. Contact us for more info.
3. It is best to plan your order seasonally, allowing a minimum of 8 weeks or longer for delivery.
4. Special orders and shipments may incur additional shipping fees.
5. LCL (limited container loads) and full containers are also available.

Cancellation and Refund Policies:

Your satisfaction is important to use. These policies enable us to continue offering unique quality merchandise at the most affordable price. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

1. If you are purchasing in-stock merchandise, we guarantee our product from Factory Defects Only! All of our merchandise is thoroughly inspected before shipping. In the very rare case that you receive defective merchandise, just send it back for replacement within 48 hours from the date of receipt. All sales are final. No refunds. However, under certain circumstances we may issue a credit.
2. When planning seasonally, for custom orders or any situation where you are not purchasing items in stock, you will be asked to sign a contract for ordered goods. This is a legal and binding document. By signing this you undertake responsibility to pay for this merchandise which is being manufactured specifically for you.
2. Any cancellation must be made within 7 days of order date. We will not start production of your order until after this date so keep this in mind as it will add to the turn around time.
3. We are quality control conscious and rarely have a return. However, we understand these things happen even though we deal only with #1 quality suppliers, and shippers. We guarantee products from Factory Defects Only. All of our merchandise is thoroughly inspected before shipping. In the very rare case that you receive defective merchandise, just send it back for replacement within 48 hours from the date of receipt.
4. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization, and a return authorization number.
5. Purchaser agrees to waive any deposit plus the cost of freight against all unclaimed, or refused orders.

Types of Products we can source for you:

1.   antiques and other object d'art
2.   artwork and paintings
3.   wood carvings and sculptures
4.   bales and gazebos
5.   building materials and floor tiles
6.   ceramics and hand-blown glass
7.   handicrafts and knick knacks
8.   hangers carved wooden for wall hangings
9.   home and garden accessories and decor
10. indoor and outdoor furniture in teak, bamboo, rattan, woven, iron
11. jewelry in silver and other metals
12. journals and other natural paper products
13. lighting both indoor and outdoor
14. napkins, table ware, and placemats
15. paving stones, terrazzo, pebbles (loose & mosaic)
16. soft furnishings, curtains, cushions, table runners
17. spa gift boxes w/essential oils & more plus robes, etc.
18. statuary (stone, bronze, silver plated)
19. stone carvings, pedestals and urns
20. terracotta pots, cement pots, and other garden decor
21. textiles (all types including beach sarongs, beach and casual wear)
22. yoga products, clothing, yoga bags, eye pillows, meditation cushions, etc.
23. windows, doors and teak flooring and other 'Cool Stuff to Buy'

More on FOB, Special and Custom Orders and what we do for you:

If you are looking for us to act as your buying agent we can help you with all your business shopping needs. We source Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and other places in Southeast and Asia, spending six months per year in these areas for more than 15 years. We, and the people we work with, are knowledgeable and experienced.

We negotiate prices, organize your order and get your product to the cargo company where it will be packed and shipped. As with everything anywhere, there are levels of quality for merchandise and shipping ranging from 1 to 5, or more. We only use suppliers and shippers that provide the best quality. You have the option of shipping by air should you need the product right away, however, air cargo can be expensive for products like a Statue that are heavier. You will be presented with all options so that you may decide what works best for you.

Sea cargo is calculated per cubic meter, and if not in a hurry, is our preferred shipping method. All rates are charged in US dollars. If your order is FOB, custom, special or otherwise not part of our regular shipment schedule, we will keep you posted on your shipment including full contact details of our shipping agent in your country or region, and a copy of the packing documentation. You may also contact us anytime during the shipping process.

We are look forward to discussing ways to help you accelerate your revenue goals, whether by providing you with products that sell well. Or, saving you time and money by negotiating LCL or full container loads directly to your warehouse.

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We are different. And that's the way we planned it! It is our pleasure to be of service to you.



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