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Sarong Care
  Sarong Care-How to care for your new Sarong.....

1) All of our sarongs are 100% woven first quality rayon, except for the Tye Dye and the Animal Prints. They are only available in 2nd quality. Sarongs come in 3rd, 4th and worse qualities and the difference is apparent. These sarongs are very thin and the colors and designs are poor. We do not sell these sarongs.   
2) Sarongs are machine washable and can be dried on low heat. We suggest you wash separately the first time. While we’ve never experienced any problems with the colors running, if you like, add a small amount of vinegar to the wash cycle. This sets the color. The more you wash your new sarong, the softer it becomes.
3) For a really crisp look you can iron, but this is not necessary if you hang them up right away.
4) Standard sarongs like our Batik Hawaiian sarongs are approximately 62 x 46.
5) Hand painted sarongs tend to be larger, approximately 70 x 48.

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Sarong Boutique carries the most exquisite selection of Batik Sarongs from Bali, Indonesia. Choose from many designs and motifs including Batik Hawaiian, floral & aquatic, ethnic, eastern, native, primitive and more. Each Sarong is unique, as Batik is a process completely done by hand.

We also carry Sarong Sets, Beaded Mini Sarongs, harem wrap pant sets, Beach Sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, aloha shirts, billabong style board shorts, tropical clothing, island wear, beachwear, resort wear, swimwear accessories, beach cover-ups, sheer half Sarongs, sheer beach sun dresses, women's batik pants, tops, dresses, island style clothing and apparel, rattan beach bags, seashell jewelry, women's sandals plus other products for your tropical lifestyle!

We spend 6 months a year traveling throughout S.E. Asia. Our supplier network is extensive. We have, and continue to seek out, the very best suppliers of unique high quality products. Should you desire your own designs, or private label, we can help you with this, too. We also encourage you to plan seasonally to insure the products and quantities you want are available, and reserved for you.

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