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Sarongs arrived this afternoon!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had bought more were right. WOW---I am really impressed with the quality and how adorable they are. They are exactly what I had hoped! Thank you again. :) Melissa

Hi Deb, The sarongs arrived this morning. They are so soft and beautiful. The rayon ones just glisten and shimmer and fall softly. The silk ones are cool and silky and intricate. Definitely not your everyday beach wear. You must be so proud of carrying such quality products. Thanks so much for the quick processing. Myrtha

I love your sarongs. They are so far the prettiest I have seen during my internet search tonight. I just opened a small retail shop and would love to put these in my store. During the summer I am expecting many tourists on their way to Myrtle Beach SC and this would be a great item for them. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Donna

The sarongs came. They're beautiful. And I love the eye pillow. Lovely for resting the eyes. Thank you, Laura

I love my new sarong and I'm looking forward to wearing it this Thanksgiving while in Hawaii. God Bless, Ashley.

Hi Deb, yes I received the sarongs yesterday and all was correct. Thanks for checking. Your advice sounds like the voice of experience, and I will let you know how it all goes. I am learning a lot from you about how to win customers from the way you communicate. Best, Karin

Hi Debra – Yes!! The sarongs arrived and ALL are in love with them………..they were gifts, not only for me but for my closest friends, as well here in California……Thanks so very much. Andi

Deb - Its Tuesday the l7th & your shipment arrived.  I am so excited I know I`m going to be a good customer....thanks I`m still working on it I want to take advantage of the sale but not too much price wise-the line is so perfect for my store thanks again. janet

Thanks so much for the dress, it is beautiful! And Thank You for the sarong, it too is so lovely!!!!! Tammy Miller

Hi Deb, I’m glad to know I can reach you via email while you’re away. Yes, we got the sarongs and we LOVE them! Do you have anyone shipping for you while you’re away? We would love to get more of the mini beaded sarongs. Any color is fine. How many do you have left? They’re all beautiful and I’m out of stock already. I have at least one client that I know will be disappointed because she did not take one home when she first saw them, but decided to wait, and now they’re all gone. The batik sarongs are wonderful too, and just what we needed for our clients to wear when they come for services. They wash wonderfully and got very soft after the second washing. I can’t wait to see what you bring back, and I’m looking forward to additional products as well. Please let me know if I can get more! Susan

Hi Deb, yes, I did receive the shipment, and the sarongs are all lovely! Great quality, lovely colors and designs, quite different than everything else I have already made up on hangers. Thank you so much. Best wishes on your journey. Kathleen

Deb - I've been thinking about you all week. I did receive the shirt - have sold 2 of the rhinestone beach bags, 2 1/2 moon sarongs and a 2pc. outfit. Can you imagine what I would have sold if I knew you sooner? I think I might be better off selling your products here in Florida and across the country instead of doing the Caribbean thing! I am going to Nassau on July 6th for the weekend so that will be my first test! Glad you had a safe trip. Don't forget that if you need anything done here in FLA just let me know - and I mean anything. Have a great week! Cori xxxooo

Aloha Deb, We received the 2 boxes of beach products. The merchandise is just great, I'm very happy with it all. Such fast service too! Those yoga shirts are so beautiful. The therapists are thrilled with the bamboo shirts, as I am, they are stylish, well made and very comfortable. We can't wait to get more. Thanks for the extras, you also gave me an extra halter dress and 2 extra mini beaded sarongs, was that intentional? I would also like to order OM jewelry & yoga bags.I was told by a customer that we have the only interesting and unique shop in the area. I'm sure the things we got from you have a lot to do with that comment. Mahalo, Anita

Debra, I have sold 4 sarongs already. More importantly, the customers who received them were very happy with them, thought they were just beautiful. I am not happy with the traffic I am getting on my web site. I have a lot to do, but that's really the good news. Wouldn't it be sad if there's nothing else to do. So, for now my focus is on getting a sales pipeline up that will constantly bring constant flow of traffic. How are you doing? Thanks, hope Spring is starting out right for you. Myrtha

Hi Deb, the mini beaded sarongs have sold well. Before you leave I would like to order two of each color you have left. On the baby pink and hot pink, I want three each of those. Thanks, Donna

Deb, I love your products from Bali! They bring color and culture and beauty to my store. Thank you for making this wonderful international connection! Val

Deb, I'm so excited, can't wait to see all your gorgeous products I ordered for my store.  It was a true pleasure doing business with you. Aloha & Namaste, Anita

Deb, Just wanted to let you know the yoga bag arrived the other day and is gorgeous! I can't wait to go to yoga class! Thanks again! Paula

Hi Debra, it's Jill from New City, NY...the customer did cartwheels when she received the turquoise satin butterfly bag from your company. I am interested in ordering a sarong (or two), since you've got me hooked
on your products. Thank you, Jill

Hi Deb, Yippy! I love these yoga bags. And what great customer service. Lu

Hi your sarongs are beautiful. I'm looking for wholesale prices. Do you sell wholesale??? Happy Trails.......Sam

How do I order the Batik Beach Wear (Classics collection) Batik Halter dress? I'm getting married in Destin FL in July and I need "2" of these pink dresses in medium for my bridesmaids. Thanks!!!!!!! Kathy

I sent the payment through PayPal this morning. Thanks again for your responsiveness and customer service. That is so hard to find these days. Take care! Donna (Read initial email inquiry.)

I just wanted to let your company know that I received my satin, turquoise butterfly yoga mat bag today...and I am absolutely THRILLED with your product! It's more beautiful than I could have imagined. It's exquisite and luxurious, and I love the way my eye pillow smells! The scent is so soothing! I pranced around my living room with a big smile on my face with my new bag over my shoulder. You obviously produce a high quality product, and I am so happy that I stumbled across your website. Many thanks and blessings, Jill

Hi Deb, Your yoga bags are just lovely. I would like to order Chinese Silk #13, the turquoise butterfly with the lavender lining. I know I will enjoy it and am looking forward to its arrival. Thanks for your time. Jennifer

Hi Deb, my sarong is beautiful. I appreciate all the time you took to help me with my selection, the solid white is just what I was looking for. Also appreciate your expediting the  payment process, then making sure it got to right away so that I would have it for my trip. Thank you. Luciene

Thank you for your email. I’m so glad I’m able to purchase directly!! Here’s my wish list! I’m interested in the green ruffled mini skirt and halter top that matches and also the harem pants set, now I am guessing that comes as a set?? I would like it with the top, my color preference is the light blue, then the tangerine color, the way it looks like maybe a light green color, it’s hard to tell from the picture. Also, I’m not sure about sizing; I wear a size 8 typically. I live in the Sarasota area but my husband and I are leaving on a trip to Jamaica in 2 weeks and I would love to take a few of your things with me!! Looking forward to hearing from you!! Melissa

I am a retailer at a stationary flea market. I am interested in tank dresses. Do you have larger sizes like XL, 1X, 2X? Can I order in different colors? I live in Sarasota, FL, can I pick up myself. Looking for beach cover-ups. Your line is just beautiful. 

Hi Deb, my Ganesh Racer Back Yoga Top arrived today. I love it! Thanks for all your help when I was making my decision. Rachel

Dear Deb, I absolutely fell in love with your wrap skirt and matching top. I am not a retailer, but would still like to purchase a set from you. Is there any possibility. Please let me know and definitely keep me posted. Thank you for your help. And have a great and successful trip. Dale

Good morning Deb - I am interested in your sarongs and your yoga bags especially. It is hard to choose - you have so many beautiful items. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Peace - Lynne

Dear Deb, My beautiful clothes just came! I love the yellow-orange fabric and that outfit fits perfectly. I am also so happy to have a shirt for my favorite turquoise pants--I will wear the blouse as a jacket for the time being.  We are expecting up to 7 inches of snow tonight so it may be a couple of months before I can wear them, but they will put the beautiful thoughts of spring in my mind. Who would ever have known when I went browsing through the little shops at John's Pass last summer and bought those darling crop pants that I would have ended up making such a wonderful friend. I would love to come back to the beach this summer but it's not likely--I am a beach girl, my sweet husband loves the mountains, it never fails. But hopefully, before too many more winters, we can head back to Treasure Island or Panama City Beach--heaven on earth! Thanks so much for all your attention and the lovely clothes. I will have fond thoughts of you and Treasure Island every time I wear them. It has been such a blessing getting to know you. Sincerely, Pam

Hi Deb! How are you? I hope your having a peaceful week. I had fun hanging out with you and Roger on Saturday, and I loved your yoga class! I wore my Ganesha tank to yoga class on Monday night, and people went bananas. It was a big hit. =) I am interested in finding out more about becoming a rep for your boutiques. I think it would be a great opportunity, and I think I could do well selling here in Houston. Can you give me some more information? Talk to you soon! ~Genevieve

Dear Deb, I love my dresses. I would love to sell them here in Mayport. Thank you for taking the time to bring such beautiful products to all of us. God Bless. Jeanette

Dear Deb, I received the dresses today. I must say they are very, very beautiful and fit me perfectly. Thank you for all it took (all the time and e-mails) to communicate with me and finally to send them. I love the brown fabric and also the turquoise. You are right the sarongs are gorgeous. Eventually i will try one. I am still very serious about selling your clothes here. You heard my is only one option, I am sure you have more ideas. I like the idea of not having a store, commercial space is highly priced here. That is why I love my on-site chair massage business. Not much overhead and I get out and meet a lot of new people on a daily basis. Anyway I just wanted to let you know my level of interest and sincerity. Thank you very much. I am so glad I found you. With gratitude and a hug, Hope

Please send any information you have on wholesale orders. I would like to request all business opportunities that you may have available at this time. Your products are lovely, well made, and very unique. Sheralyn


I just received my yoga mat bag and want you to know it is simply lovely. I bought the Chinese Silk Blue Swirl. Marie

Hi, my name is Pam. I bought a pair of crop pants while on vacation in Florida. They had a matching top but only one and it was too small for me. I am crazy about these pants and would love to find the matching top
and even another pair of the crop pants. The pants are from the "Free Spirit" collection--kind of a watery looking print of the most beautiful blue-green color. From looking at your website, I am guessing that you sell only wholesale and if this is the case, could you please direct me to as many of your retail outlets as possible? I really love these clothes! Thanks so much for your help. Sincerely, Pam

Hi Deb, I got my yoga bag yesterday and it is gorgeous! Even my boyfriend, who can be a tough judge, was impressed! Thanks so much for the very quick shipping too! Best, Sasha

Hi Debra! I just received my eye pillow and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! Have a great day! Pip

Hi Debra, we received our order today. The eye pillows and yoga bags are just so beautiful. We sold a yoga bag before we even had the chance to get them priced. Thank you again, Caroline

We received the eye pillows today - they are just beautiful - we are so pleased and excited to start offering these! Happy Thanksgiving to you and many thanks! Christi

Hi Deb, I was in Costco today and had on one of your shirts. A woman asked me where I got it and I gave her your website address. I love your stuff, and see, I am always promoting you. Wendy

Hi Debra, How are you? I wanted to let you know that I got the sarongs and I love them! They are already selling and people really like them, so i am really excited to see your new shipment. Lisseth

Hi, I Love Your Bags……We’ve spoken in the past. I would like to order the Yoga Bag Gift Set CS #01, Maroon Dragonfly w/Gold Lining and Yoga Bag Gift Set CS #07 Dark Purple Dragonfly w/Lavender Lining. Thanks, Rita

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