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  Sarong Boutique is your Bridge to Bali Sarongs. At Sarong Boutique find Sarongs, Sarong Wear, Shawls, Beachwear, and the finest selection of unique first quality Sarongs in the World including Batik and Hawaiian Sarongs. As your Bridge to Bali we can act as your Sourcing or Bali Agent. Please feel free to browse our entire website to see all of our products and to place your order.

SARONGS: Out of stock pieces have order minimums and a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Please email us with any questions, or if you experience any problems. We are pleased to be your Bridge to Bali and beyond, and look forward to serving you in any way we can.

Sarong Boutique is your source for Bali. We have been in business since 2001, and carry only the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. From sarongs to sarong sets, beach cover ups, beach wear and other tropical products, we serve distributors, retailers, cruise ships, high-end boutique and others looking for unique beach and tropical products at prices that will assist you in accelerating your revenue.

We are your Bridge to Bali and beyond, where we esign, manufacture and distribute our batik hawaiian sarongs, sarong wear, shawls, beach wear and other tropical products for the beach. When possible we work with local artisans to bring unique, high quality sarongs and other products to the market at competitive prices. Sarong Boutique is your bridge to Bali, and beyond!

Our beautiful sarongs and other merchandise are our own designs, or carefully chosen from what is available, insuring the products you are buying are different, fresh and current. We always prefer quality to quantity, and design our products from only the finest fabrics available.


But if the product does not sell because of the price point, it doesn't matter how beautiful or well made it is. We are always highly conscious of this when designing and bringing products to the market. Sarong Boutique is your bridge to Bali, and beyond!

Most of our customers have limited space so we keep in this in mind when we design aiming for creating  products that are versatile, and when possible, have multiple uses. Or, in the case of our dresses, designed with many opportunities to adjust to different body sizes, and shapes.

While we manufacture and export from all over S.E. Asia, Bali continues to be our primary region. Bali has incredibly talented artisans for everything from furniture making to textile production. With skills passed down from generation to generation, and influenced by some of the most creative Western designers, extraordinary products are made here. Sarong Boutique is your bridge to Bali, and beyond!   

We feel the uniqueness of our sarongs and other merchandise wins out over fast and cheap, and invite you to take some time to browse our entire shopping area to preview some of the merchandise currently in stock. 

You will find Beach and Surf Wear and other clothing and apparel made from batik, and other exotic fabrics. We carry an exquisite selection of beach sarongs, sarong sets, Hawaiian sarongs & shirts, aloha shirts, board shorts, tropical clothing, swimwear accessories, swimsuit coverups, women's apparel, yoga tops, yoga mat bags, aromatherapy eye pillows, yoga jewelry, purses, gift items, statuary and other items for you, your home and garden.

What you see on this site is just a sample of the tropical products available. Have your own clothing designs? Want your own label? Looking to change the fabric, or add your own touch to what you see? We have an extensive supplier network so if there is something you are interested and do not see, let us know. We can source just about anything including home and garden for a tropical island lifestyle. Just think of us as your Bridge to Bali, and beyond!

Our mission is simple:
To offer you the highest quality, and most unique merchandise at the best possible prices.
To work with local artisans to provide a market insuring their art and craft is not lost.
To respect the environment using recycled paper or sustainable plants like bamboo (when possible).
To encourage and support fair and ethical trading practices.
To provide outstanding products and customer service.

Find out more about what we can do for you. Or, contact us with any questions. We look forward to being of service.

Deb Bobier
Sarong Boutique

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